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  1. Does our food meet Health Department Requirements?
    • Our food is cooked in an approved registered kitchen, complying with all Health Department requirements.
  2. Who can purchase meals from us?
    • Home recipients - whether elderly, unwell, going on holidays, or just wanting a quick kosher meal.

    • Patients in hospital - we cater to most major hospitals in Melbourne. You may continue to order our meals when you go home.

  3. How do I order?
    • Online - click on any Category on the left of the screen.
    • Phone - ring through your order on (03) 9527-5525.
    • Fax - send a fax to (03) 9527-4844.
  4. How will I receive the meal?
    • Depending on your circumstances, meals can be:
      • Delivered to your home by one of our volunteers.
      • Picked up from our distribution centre at 572 Inkerman Street, Caulfield North.
      • Ordered in several hospitals and provided by their catering staff at the regular meal times.
  5. Who prepares and packages the meals?
    • Our food is prepared and packaged by well-known Melbourne caterers Unger Catering.
  6. Who provides Kosher supervision for our meals?
    • Kosher Australia: Tel: 1300 567 437.
  7. How do I pay for meals?
    • Pay online when you order the meal.
    • Pay when the food is delivered to your home.
    • Pay when you pick up the food from our distribution centre.
    • Open an account and receive an invoice - please discuss this option with the office.